Helpful Tips to Avoid Golf Injuries and Enjoy Your Round

Tips to Avoid Golf Injuries and Enjoy Your Round

Let’s look at ways to avoid golf injuries as New Jersey courses re-open. With winter and the six-week corona virus-imposed golf hiatus coming to an end, golfers will be grabbing their clubs and hitting the links starting this weekend.

With all that time off, you’re bound to be a little rusty and, even a little out of golf shape. Common injuries that can occur in golf include elbow, shoulder, hip and low back pain. Here are some tips to help you avoid golf injury and to help you get golf ready:

Work on Technique

A strong golf game is based on proper swing technique. Poor swings can put abnormal stress on the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back and hips. Over the course of a round or multiple rounds, this can lead to sprains, strains and overuse injuries like tendinitis. Correcting your form will help prevent these types of injuries.

Training Prevents Golf Injuries

Even with the best technique, your body needs to be able to handle the rigors of a round of golf. Training the necessary muscles throughout your body to perform for 18 holes is essential for staying healthy. Undergoing professional evaluation with tools such as the Functional Movement Screen can identify weaknesses and help develop an appropriate training regimen.

Stretch and Warmup

Studies have shown that the average golfer spends less than 10 minutes warming up. That is not nearly enough time to get both mentally and physically prepared for a round of golf. Get to the course early enough to give yourself the necessary time to go through a proper routine. Your routine should include some light stretching to loosen up the body and time to work through swinging your clubs.

Use Common Sense

Not all golf injuries are musculoskeletal in nature. Be prepared for the environment. Dress appropriately for the weather; make sure to use sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids.

Following these simple tips can help prevent some of the most common injuries golfers suffer.

Think you might have an injury? Dr. Sokalsky can provide an evaluation, accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. This will help prevent chronic injury and get you back on the course quicker.