Orthotics & Braces

You shouldn’t have to resign yourself to living with pain. Often, the answer to living a pain-free life isn’t through surgery, it is using orthotics and braces.

Perhaps the greatest asset of orthotics and braces is their versatility. While most orthotics are broadly categorized as either accommodative (providing extra cushioning or support) or functional (restricting or guiding abnormal motion), each category contains devices in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Each one is specially designed to provide a specific function or range of functions.

Whether your condition requires more cushioning, more support, more stability, or even a correction in alignment or motion – the correct orthotic can dramatically improve your symptoms and mobility.

These tools do more than ensure immobility and protection – they are complex devices used to target a person’s specific injury or physical condition. Such devices help to establish normal patterns of motion, while protecting against injuries.

Here at Jersey Shore Sports Medicine we will choose the appropriate materials and fit the brace based on the adult or child’s structural and functional needs.

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