Aches, Sprains & Tendonitis

If you have recently been experiencing aches and pains that won’t seem to go away, it might be time to call a specialist. After experiencing an injury, please don’t wait to get a proper evaluation. Delays in diagnosis of these ailments can lead to poor healing, reduced range of motion and long-term disability.

We pinpoint the precise location of your pain and prescribe a regimen that will get you back to your normal activities.

Tendonitis is a common condition that affects tendons – fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones – causing them to become painful and inflamed. This condition, which is often a result of simple overuse, can develop anywhere in the body, especially in areas that pivot and twist on frequent basis. For instance, tendonitis can develop in a wrist, shoulder, knee, or heel.

Are you experiencing any of these?

  • Pain that seems to keep getting worse?
  • Does it feel as if a tendon is cracking or grating against another as you move it?
  • Is the affected area swelling?
  • Does the affected area appear red?
  • Has a lump developed?

At Jersey Shore Sports Medicine, we use a variety treatments and resources to not only help you heal but to also help you prevent future injury.

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