South Jersey Stem Cell Injections

South Jersey Stem Cell Injections

Cells in the body have designated purposes: whether its muscles or organs, everything comes down to the cells functioning correctly. Your body produces stem cells that are undifferentiated cells that can be turned into specific cells. This means the body can use them for areas that need cell regeneration and growth. Stem cells, however, that don’t serve a specific purpose can be re-purposed to almost any cell you need. Jersey Shore Sports Medicine provides this care for patients in South Jersey who need stem cell injections.

Medical professionals are constantly researching stem cells due to the ability the cells have in uncovering the functions of how the body works and why some errors in our makeup occur. After years of research, scientists have found that stem cells show a promising ability for treating diseases that currently have no cure.

The two sources that originate stem cells are adult body tissues and embryos. Scientists continue to use genetic reprogramming techniques to develop stem cells from other cells. They hope to use these techniques to transform them into different types of tissues. They hope that by introducing them to distressed areas of the body, it can heal the injured organs, such as tissue, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

Doctors have used umbilical cord blood and surrounding tissue as sources for stem cells- these areas are highly concentrated in healthy cells. Much like amniotic tissue injections, patients need not be concerned for rejection.

For patients in South Jersey who need stem cell injections, contact us for a consultation and to learn more about stem cell treatment.