South Jersey Prolotherapy Injections

South Jersey Prolotherapy Injections

Clients looking for South Jersey prolotherapy injections can get their comfort back with the services provided at Jersey Shore Sports Medicine. We lead in the area in offering superior one-on-one treatment options with the latest in advanced therapies, including injections for advanced recovery. Prolotherapy is the injection of any substance that promotes growth of normal cells, tissues, or organs.

Yes, inflammation is hard to deal with, but it does serve a vital purpose in the body’s attempt to heal. When an injury doesn’t fully heal, there is chronic damage without inflammation. That’s because inflammation is your body’s natural way of healing an injury. With the process of prolotherapy, it essentially tricks your body into repeating a new wave of healing. By injecting dextrose, or any other irritating substance (often mixed with lidocaine and sodium morrhuate) into an injured appendage, the body starts to stimulate a healing response.

But when should you use this method? How serious should your injury be? Common injuries treated with prolotherapy include chronic tendinosis, such as tennis elbow, and chronic low back pain.

The 3 Types of South Jersey Prolotherapy Injections

1. Growth factor injection prolotherapy: This type of prolotherapy is in early stages of study for arthritis and sprain and strain.

2. Growth factor stimulation prolotherapy: Injection of something that causes the body to produce growth factors.

3. Inflammatory prolotherapy: Injection of something that causes activation of the inflammatory cascade to produce growth factors

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