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Hot Treatment vs. Cold Treatment – The Oldest Rivalry in Sports!

“Should I use heat or ice?” is the most common question I get in the office from patients, especially athletes, looking to ease their soreness after exercising. Commonly, there is a lot of confusion as to which method is best, when to use which treatment, and what separates the two. Fortunately, we have a guide

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Tendonitis: Signs, Diagnosis and Treatments

What is Tendonitis?  You may have heard tendonitis referred to as tennis elbow, jumper’s knee or golfer’s elbow. Despite the many nicknames that the condition has acquired, they all signify excessive inflammation of a tendon, which is the structure that connects muscle to bone. It is typically caused by overuse of the affected area, often

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Cold Weather Wellness Tips

Winter is on its way, but that doesn’t mean your outdoor exercise routine has to end! Many of us question how to adjust our workout once the temperature drops, but we’ve got answers to keep you happy, healthy and warm while you break a sweat during the winter months. These Cold Weather Wellness Tips will

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What is a cortisone shot?

“Just get a cortisone shot”. That is the answer most people either give or receive in response to a complaint of pain somewhere in the body. However, not many people outside of the medical field actually know what a cortisone shot is, how it works, what it treats or how safe it is. In addition,

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Plantaris-The unknown muscle of the calf

“It felt like I got kicked in the back of the leg” is one of the scariest phrases for athletes. When that feeling occurs in the heel it usually means the Achilles tendon has ruptured. Oftentimes that means surgery, though there is literature that says surgical repair may not be necessary; but either way, the athlete

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The forgotten muscles of injury

“Use it or lose it” is the ultimate cliché for the muscles of your body. Anyone who has had a significant injury requiring rest from exercise has experienced it. You can see it in the discrepancy between calf muscles in someone who has had a short leg cast or fracture boot for 4-6 weeks. The

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With a talent for putting patients at ease, and an expertise in the fine details of orthopedics and sports medicine, Dr. Brian Sokalsky is the physician at the helm of Jersey Shore Sports Medicine. Whether it's treating a star athlete who was injured on the field, getting a weekend warrior

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