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You'll see Jersey Shore Sports Medicine staff throughout the community, at local games and events. Check back here to get the latest news, and highlights of our most recent appearances and presentations.

Free Regenerative Non-Surgical Treatments Seminar Presented by Brian Sokalsky – Tuesday, May 22

Regenerative medicine utilizes the body’s natural healing process to repair damaged tissue from chronic disease or injury. Somers Point, NJ – May 17, 2018 – A free seminar on regenerative medicine will be presented by Dr. Brian Sokalsky of Jersey Shore Sports Medicine (JSSM) and Jersey Shore Regenerative Medicine of Somers Point, on Tuesday, May 22

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Baseball and Softball – Keep Your Budding Athlete Healthy

Baseball and softball put a unique set of stresses on an athlete’s body, especially young athletes that are still growing. As a result, injuries to the shoulder and elbow are very common. As we look forward to warmer weather and the start of the season, now is a great time to discuss proper training and

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

At Jersey Shore Sports Medicine, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections are offered to treat chronic pain, which many individuals deal with on a daily basis. Whether pain originates from their job, exercise routine, strains, sprains, tendonitis or anything in between, it is certain that no one enjoys living with ongoing discomfort. Traditionally, these injuries are

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Concussion Awareness

When you hear the term ‘concussion,’ what do you think of? With talk of head injuries dominating the world of professional sports, especially in football, you may imagine a cringe-worthy collision between powerful opposing forces. Recent research has exposed the potentially detrimental effects of head injuries, even with the supposedly protective headgear worn by football

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Hot Treatment vs. Cold Treatment – The Oldest Rivalry in Sports!

“Should I use heat or ice?” is the most common question I get in the office from patients, especially athletes, looking to ease their soreness after exercising. Commonly, there is a lot of confusion as to which method is best, when to use which treatment, and what separates the two. Fortunately, we have a guide

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Tendonitis: Signs, Diagnosis and Treatments

What is Tendonitis?  You may have heard tendonitis referred to as tennis elbow, jumper’s knee or golfer’s elbow. Despite the many nicknames that the condition has acquired, they all signify excessive inflammation of a tendon, which is the structure that connects muscle to bone. It is typically caused by overuse of the affected area, often

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With a talent for putting patients at ease, and an expertise in the fine details of orthopedics and sports medicine, Dr. Brian Sokalsky is the physician at the helm of Jersey Shore Sports Medicine. Whether it's treating a star athlete who was injured on the field, getting a weekend warrior

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